Twist Pile

Dallas Carpets have a massive selection of quality Twist Pile carpets to suit every budget from £5.99m2 up to £39.99m2. Twist Pile carpets have a short pile, are generally hard wearing and come in both plain and heather colours.

A Twist Pile carpet tends to resist pilling (fluffing) or showing footprints. The greater the degree of twist in the surface yarn can result in a higher resistance to crushing. This makes Twist Pile carpets a good choice for higher traffic areas such as hall, stairs, landings and living rooms.

A slight area of confusion could arise because all carpet yarns have a certain degree of twist in them - lightly in the case of velvets, tightly in the case of 'hard twists'. Some of the higher quality manufacturers twist two or three tufts together and then crop the pile resulting in a carpet with a very fine and dense finish resulting in a carpet that is more resilient to wear.

Twist Pile carpets

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