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Dallas Carpets Underlay

At Dallas Carpets we have hundreds of rolls of underlay always in stock ready to take away. We have a type of underlay for every budget from economy underlay's all the way up to the brand leading Cloud 9 underlay's and all at fantastic discounted prices not to be beaten anywhere!

Underlay is one of the most overlooked aspect of purchasing a new floor. "I've already got underlay" is a common way of thinking or "it doesn't make much difference".... but that’s false economy! Old underlay is likely to crumble especially in high traffic areas which may cause your new carpet to ridge or appear uneven. Old underlay also harbours dust and dirt which may seep through to the surface, ruining the appearance of your beautiful new carpet. There are also many other benefits to installing a new underlay, including sound proofing, insulation and most of all superior comfort.

Why use underlay?

Comfort Provides
Extra cushioning underfoot.
Carpet protection
Serves as a shock absorber helping carpets withstand wear and tear.
Less noise
Underlay aids in minimising the sound of creaky floor boards.

Keep it looking new
Helps to protect the carpet against floor boards and daily wear and tear, maintaining that new carpet look for longer.
A good source of insulation
Helps keep heat in, helping lower bills.